Children and adults join for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t have to be because you want to reach your black belt. It could be for social, mental or the physical advantages that karate offers.


It is up to you if you want to grade, however our gradings take place every 4 months. Everything you learn will direct you towards a grading, plus more! We aim to keep all lessons varied and interesting, being creative with our ideas and open to alternative technical teaching options. These alternative teaching options stick to the syllabus but offer a deeper understanding when learning.

The Belt System


Children and adults learn at different speeds, the belt system is reflected in this and is different for children and adults.




White (10th Kyu), White/Orange Stripe, Orange (9th Kyu), White/Red Stripe, Red (8th Kyu), White/Yellow Stripe, Yellow (7th Kyu), White/Green Stripe, Green (6th Kyu), White/Blue Stripe, Purple (5th Kyu), Purple/white, Brown (4th Kyu), Brown/white, Brown/2 white stripes (1st Kyu), Black.


By the time children have reached purple belt, the belt system will match the adult grading syllabus.




White (10th Kyu), Orange (9th Kyu), Red (8th Kyu), Yellow (7th Kyu), Green (6th Kyu), Purple(5th Kyu), Purple/white (4th Kyu), Brown (3rd Kyu), Brown/white (2nd Kyu), Brown/2 white stripes (1st Kyu), Black (1st Dan).

Other Questions & Facts


What is the license and membership?

The license is membership to The Odachi Karate Academy. All students who wish to grade and train, should have a license and membership book which is payable after about 4 or 5 lessons. This would include insurance to train.


How do I apply for a license and membership book?

To apply for a membership book and license please see your club instructor or email:


Can I start karate lessons at any time?

Yes students can come along at any point . A student is entitled to a trial lesson and if they enjoy the class and wish to continue then they can start straight away.


How long would it take to achieve a Black Belt?

It takes many years to develop and build the basic understanding of true karate practice, hence once you start, it is a minimum of a 3-4 years until you reach your First Dan Black Belt.


How would I know that I am progressing?

Every student is required to work through the Odachi Karate Academy syllabus. It covers details of your expected requirement to grade and the periodical progress made.


What style of karate will I be practicing?

The style you will be practicing is Shotokan karate – the most globally recognised style of karate.


What am I expected to wear to my first lesson?

Come in lose clothing i.e. track bottoms, t-shirt and bring along a bottle of water.


When would I have to wear a karate ‘gi’ (suit)?

It is not necessary to obtain a suit immediately, however you must be suited up to grade. When you are ready, you can purchase a suit from your club instructor.


Would karate make my child or me aggressive?

Karate focuses on building incredible values, fostered to building focus, discipline and a well-expressed character with increased self-esteem and self-image.